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We keep a delicious amount of products in our store at all times. Please note – if you don’t see what you’re looking for here, just ask us – we may have it!

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Offering the Heath and Surrounding Areas the Finest:


Give your taste buds a treat with our delicious selection of baked goods. With a wide variety of cakes, pies and pastries to choose from, you’re sure to find that perfect something for you next special occasion.

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Baked Goods Columbus Ohio

Bulk Foods Columbus Ohio


We offer a wide variety of bulk foods carefully packaged and weighed by our staff. Products range from pretzel and nut mixes to baking goods and everything in between.

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Our candy options will leave your mouth watering for more. At Yoder’s Farm Market you’ll have the opportunity to explore many different candy options, some of which are hard to find in a traditional grocery store.

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Bulk Candy Food in Columbus Ohio

Deli & Refrigerated

Whether you’re looking to create a perfect sandwich or cheese plate, or you’re just looking for a great cut of meat for dinner, you’ll find it in our deli and refrigerated section. Our helpful staff is there to guide you to the right choice and slide and prepare it to your liking.

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You’ll find a great selection of ice cream and other frozen treats and goodies in our frozen section.

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Frozen Food in Columbus Ohio

Jams and Jarred food in Columbus Ohio

Jarred Goods & Spreads

We stock a unique selection of jarred goods and spreads that are sure to take your taste buds to the next level. From jams to marmalades, to canned veggies and beyond, you might just find yourself walking out with more in your cart than you planned on.

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Nuts & Seeds

We take our nuts and seeds seriously. That means we work hard to make sure they’re the highest quality we can find. If you’re a nut and seed lover, you’ll be right at home at Yoder’s Farm Market.

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Nuts and Seeds in Columbus Ohio

Fresh Produce in Columbus Ohio


With a regular selection of produce from Ohio’s Amish county that’s complimented by seasonal offerings, we offer some of the area’s most sought after produce at affordable prices.

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We offer a unique blend of spices that are sure to add a new zest to your cooking. Many of our products come from home made blends developed over generations by Amish families, much of which is difficult to find and buy online.

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Spices in Columbus Ohio